Kennel Nezkrotná markýza

We are Jitka and Martin and we are the owners of the FCI certified Finnish Lapphund Kennel “Nezkrotná markýza”. Dogs are a long life passion for us and we have been breeding and showing dogs for over 30 years, consistently winning numerous international and national competitions, hosting and showing dogs from international kennels and producing international champions.

Our main priority at Kennel Nezkrotná markýza is the well being of the dogs as well as implementing and maintaining a responsible breeding program. It is extremely important to us that our puppies go to the right owners. We always try to match the best puppy with his or her new home to ensure happiness on both sides, therefore when matching a puppy to his new home we take into considerations show ambitions, active lifestyle or even just a family companion. If you are interested in getting a puppy from Kennel Nezkrotná markýza please contact us. Our puppies go to their new homes chipped, vaccinated, dewormed and bathed. In addition, puppies from our kennel have consistent contact with other dogs of different ages and sexes, which gives them a good base for future dog to dog communication. We have extensive experience with exporting puppies to different countries such as: Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Switzerland,  If we do not have any puppies available we can recommend you to another responsible breeder of Finnish Lapphunds in the Czech Republic. To check if we have puppies available click *here*

Kennel Nezkrotná markýza hosts numerous international guests for show seasons and cooperates with other international kennels. Among our more notable cooperation is our friendship with Norwegian Kennel Av Vintervidda (winner of the Norwegian Kennel Club Award 2021). Since the Czech Republic has one of the smaller breeding bases of Finnish Lapphunds in comparison to other countries, such guests are always welcome, helping us to widen and deepen our country’s breeding lineage. Thanks to the Czech Republic’s convenient location in central Europe, we often host dogs from other countries when a potential litter from another European country is planned and agreed upon.

Kennel Nezkrotná markýza LOVES visitors!
Prospective owners, dog lovers or completely new people to the dog world are welcome to come over for a chat and a visit.
Can’t make the visit but still would like to learn about Finnish Lapphunds?


WhatsApp with us or call us at
 +420 602 734 715
 + 420 602 287 911 (English)
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We speak Czech and English (German can be arranged).

Kennel Nezkrotná markýza
Jitka Bastl Hořáková & Martin Bastl

 WhatsApp or call:
+420 602 734 715
+ 420 602 287 911 (English)